Monthly Archives: March 2015

Fresh face, same great place. Introducing our new site!

More than a year in the planning and two months in the making, the all-new TEDxVienna website is finally here! Our creative and IT teams have been working hard to bring you a sleek and shiny new site with all the bells and whistles. The new site is fully responsive and optimized for all devices, […]

Twitter Chat: Putting content into context through DIY

As you may have noticed, our monthly topic has been DIY. You might ask yourself DI…whY? Nowadays, the Internet offers us plenty of opportunities to self tailor our knowledge. Say you want to learn how to build a birdhouse; you fire up your search engine and within seconds you’ve found a step-by-step guide on how […]

FabLabs or the new way of manufacturing

Have you ever had a great idea but were unable to realize it? Are you fed up with mass-produced goods and want to have your very own self-tailored devices? Or you just like to tinker? Then you should probably join a FabLab!

DIY-Studies: be your own master

You probably didn’t know this, but in Austria you can study something called “individual studies” – studies which you can design yourself. If you can’t find studies that fit your needs at one of Austria’s 21 public universities, don’t worry and make your own. In three (more or less) easy steps: (1) fill out the […]

Smiling: The self-experiment

While I am writing this article, the smiling face with open eyes is being used 56.704.059 times on Twitter. And by the time you read this, the number will probably be even higher. (Check out the great work of emojitracker, an experiment in real-time, tracking the number of all emojis used on Twitter). By that […]