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Intercultural Mentoring – a missing link in school reform

  „Mentorship: a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.“ Think about your first mentors in life – your mother and your father! They gave you unconditional love and support, provided you with food and shelter, and encouraged you to […]

hacking consciousness

Hacking Consciousness – can we build conscious machines?

In a clear night, switch off your TV set, walk outside, direct your eyes to the stars and start to speculate about the boundaries of our universe. At this very moment something magical is happening. You have just built a bridge between the two most puzzling miracles in our time. The question about our cosmos is one […]

stefan kohlweg audioarchitect

Constructing the world of sound – Interview with an Audioarchitect

Interview with Stefan Kohlweg There are several things in the world that we take for granted. Things that we don’t question and have little time to “fuss” over. One of these things is the concept of sound. Not many things are as diverse, complex and specific as sound is. Only few people stop every now and then to […]

Mozarthaus Vienna: Bridging gaps between Vienna and the world

We interviewed Nina Nöhrig from the Mozarthaus Vienna, a museum about Mozart’s life and work, situated in the 1st district of Vienna. Read about her work in the Sales department of the museum and about how the latter is bridging gaps between Vienna and the world. Q: Nina, please tell me, in your own words, […]

Why I wish there were more characters using sign language on TV

  A little known fact is that sign language is just as much a fully developed, complex language as spoken ones. Sign language has its own rules and its own varieties. For example, American Sign Language is different from Austrian Sign Language (ÖGS) but even within Austria you can discover regional differences. Therefore, recognizing how […]

Let’s REALLY feed the world – how to recycle food waste

Approximately 11% of the world’s populations don’t have enough to eat. At the same time, one third of all produced food never gets eaten. The food waste is largest in industrialized countries in Europe and North America. If it would be collected and redistributed, it could feed all hungry people in the world. Three times […]

When a mobile phone becomes a lifeline

In a time when people are fleeing their country to find a safer home, we are seeing more than ever a gap between two worlds. Culture, language, religion. But who, or what, can narrow this gap and make life easier for Syrian refugees? Technology is proving to be invaluable to refugees on their journey to […]

Bridging senses – The color of sound

The rich green color of wet grass after the rain, the thin golden lines of dust twirling around next to an open window, the piercing blue sky on a crisp winter morning. The color of your lover’s eyes, your mother’s favorite sweater and the cover of the oldest book in your library. Nature did not gift […]


Recreating the recruitment process

30% of all Google searches, about 300 million per month, are employment related. People are constantly on the search for new jobs and in times of acceleration of virtually everything the generation Y seems to move faster from job to job as every before. For a company this means to make their hiring process as […]

TEDxVienna What if...

What if…it’s over? 2

A day of outgrowing our dimensions of reality is over. At the TEDxVienna conference we dived into the world of “What if…”. We asked ourselves without limitations what would happen if… To explore the possibilities and freely think the impossible, speakers from artists, scientists to survival artists, ranging from 14 to 90 years-old, let us catch a […]