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How your blindspot may prevent you from seeing the bigger picture   Those of you who have a driver’s licence have probably already come across the term “blindspot”. But there are more blindspots in life than just on the side of your car, blindspots can occur everywhere in life and may make you miss to […]

The art of creating for the sake of creating – An Interview with Harry Baker

His love poem for lonely prime numbers reached over one million people around the world. “People who have just seen that think that I just write poems about maths the whole time”, Harry Baker says amusingly. Since then, performance poet and mathematician Harry Baker has travelled around the world enriching people with his original poems […]

astronomical clock, prague

Four in the morning
that’s when the magic happens…

There’s a thin line between chaos and meaning, and Rives is walking it perfectly. Poetry is about letting your imagination flow, letting a “splinter swerve” as Emily Dickinson called it. Storytelling, on the other hand, is about finding the common thread that connects a series of seemingly unrelated events. Poet and storyteller Rives manages to […]

Exploring Street Art with Martha Cooper

One day before her talk at this year’s TEDxVienna event I got to chat with our wonderful speaker Martha Cooper about her work and what it means to be OUT THERE. Having documented graffiti and street art in New York from its very beginnings, her book “Subway Art” is now known to be the bible of […]

Handelskai Midnight Train

Ode to Viennese nights 2

Tungsten lights, white and colourful neon; people working and people sleeping; lit buildings and dark pathways; empty streets and bus stops. Bikes locked to street lamps, telephone booths and cigarette machines. Viennese nights are visually stunning. Streets are paved with colours, contrasts, textures and gradients. Objects unnoticed during daytime become a spectacle after sunset. A […]

When music meets motivation: An interview with rap artist A.Y.

Meet A.Y., an up and coming, talented rap artist based in Vienna, who seems to have what it takes to conquer the world by storm. With his catchy beats, meaningful lyrics and captivating charisma, the young performer has managed to make a name for himself in Vienna’s hip-hop scene. In the following interview, prepare yourself […]

The Future of Intimacy –
An Interview with Erika Lust

Our salon event The Future of Intimacy is taking place today and we couldn’t be more excited. So, what better way is there to kick off this event than to have a chat with erotic film director Erika Lust. Find out what role intimacy plays in porn and what intimacy might look like in the future. As […]

The philosophy of upcycling

When you take a look around Pinterest you find lots of lists, quotes and regular DIY ideas, but one thing in particular seems to stand out lately: Upcycling. You can find detailed instructions on how to turn an old book into a new purse, how to make hooks out of old keys and how to […]

Let’s go on a Viennese adventure

It’s pitch-black in the forest of the Prater. Only your lantern lights your way. In the distance you spot a flame. Is this where your next challenge is waiting for you? The next demon you must face? Then you hear them. The bells. They’re coming closer. The demons are coming to get you. Run! Just […]

Olafur Eliasson, New Berlin Sphere, 2009

Eliasson’s Baroque Baroque

The Belvedere‘s Winter Palace, an unexpected exhibition space for contemporary art, steeped in its own historical importance and architectural marvel, is the current container for Olafur Eliasson‘s Baroque Baroque. The show, which is a selection of installations on loan from TBA21 and The Juan & Patricia Vergez Collection (Buenos Aires), runs until March 6, 2016, and is well worth the €9 entrance fee. The […]