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How your blindspot may prevent you from seeing the bigger picture   Those of you who have a driver’s licence have probably already come across the term “blindspot”. But there are more blindspots in life than just on the side of your car, blindspots can occur everywhere in life and may make you miss to […]


Are we suboptimal bots?
A conversation about technology and myth

Technology is developing at an incredible pace. When we think about how social media impacts our democratic elections, how our smart home devices are listening in on us or how wearables are measuring our every movement, we have to acknowledge that we have crossed the creepy line a long time ago. So, when I met […]

I’m in the weird part of the internet again…

“I’m in the weird part of the internet again…” is a comment commonly read on very niche Youtube videos, hidden reddit threads or any other website that seems out of the norm in any way. But what exactly brings us to these incredible online spaces? Usually, it’s boredom. We start by looking for cute cat videos and […]


How much private space do we have left?

This year’s Privacy Week covered all those important topics we get so nervous about when it comes to our digital lifestyle. Sarah Spiekermann opened her talk with a provocative statement: “We are getting lied into surveillance with the buzzword “progress”.” Do we need to be optimized? What we see as “progress” is determined by our […]

group of robots

Machine Societies

OUT THERE, in a not so distant future lays a hypothetical point in time, when machines will have reached a status of intelligence and versatility so that they can improve themselves better and faster than humans can do. This point is frequently called singularity. What comes after singularity? After singularity, machines will very likely also own a form of consciousness […]

What’s out there? Searching for life in the universe

Are we alone in the universe? Every one of us has thought about this question at least once in his life. Looking at the infinite amount of stars in the sky and realizing that we are just one of the trillions of planets in the universe, it is almost impossible to think that life just […]


Citizen Science – New explorers out there.

“From the oceans to the soil, technology is changing the part that amateurs can play in research.” Nature. Nowadays, participation of amateurs in science is for research, what crowdfunding is for the start-up scene – an amplification of capacity. Digitalization has empowered a process called citizen science. In a nutshell, this is any kind of […]

Could synthetic biology kick us out from earth?

Have you heard of synthetic life? Earlier this year, the world learned about Syn 3.0 – an engineered bacteria containing only the crucial genes for living. Its genome is the smallest of any self-sufficient living organism and consists of only 473 genes, which were designed in a computer, chemically synthesized and used to replace the […]

iRobot, meRobot, youRobot…?

Programming vs. Feeling Dan Chen is an engineer and designer who explores the limits of intimacy using his skills to create robotic machines. His exploration started with questioning human social interaction itself and the motives that guide us through such social interactions. In his talk at TEDxVienna’s Future of Intimacy, he points out that social interactions […]

Let there be light…?

Last month we were able to see the Perseids, technically. The Perseids are a meteor shower that occur once a year for almost a month and this year for one weekend they were supposed to be spectacular. Maybe some of you were lucky enough to find yourself in the countryside during this event, but if […]