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How your blindspot may prevent you from seeing the bigger picture   Those of you who have a driver’s licence have probably already come across the term “blindspot”. But there are more blindspots in life than just on the side of your car, blindspots can occur everywhere in life and may make you miss to […]


We need to talk more about rape

Maybe one of the saddest things in this world is the fact that it is the women who feel guilt and shame after a rape incident, instead of their rapists. One would expect the rapists to have feelings of remorse after committing such a terrible act but unfortunately, it’s usually the other way around. It is […]

How free are you?

This is not a eulogy for wanderlust. Nor for walking away and never looking back, for spectacular escapes and fresh starts. This is not an article accompanied by hipster-images showing a foggy forest in the background or a map of the world with a “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”- quote attached or some girl […]

Why we’ve got all the time in the world

Happy 2017,  everyone! No matter in which stage of our lives we find ourselves in, may we be students, just got our first jobs, whether we are well accomplished at what we do, if we are young parents or pensioners – we never have enough time – or at least, that is how it seems […]

All You Know about Motivation is Wrong

Motivation – an abstract noun that seems to have become the key word of the 21st century. Motivational speaking, motivational coaching and motivational teaching are some of the most profitable jobs of our days. And it’s only natural. We are living on fast forward and in order to comply with the standards of the Western […]

astronomical clock, prague

Four in the morning
that’s when the magic happens…

There’s a thin line between chaos and meaning, and Rives is walking it perfectly. Poetry is about letting your imagination flow, letting a “splinter swerve” as Emily Dickinson called it. Storytelling, on the other hand, is about finding the common thread that connects a series of seemingly unrelated events. Poet and storyteller Rives manages to […]

O Home, where art thou?
Vienna through the eyes of the homeless.

Vienna, ranked “the most livable city”, is often associated with music, art and coffee… but let us scratch the beautiful surface and see what is hiding underneath. Although Vienna houses a wide mix of people, there are some that you probably have looked at, chosen to not really see and therefore simply passed by… We […]

The Non-Space of Death in our lives

Death is all around us? Most of us have dealt with the loss of someone we loved at some point in our life. While there is always an emotional struggle when losing someone, there is also the harsh reality we have to deal with after someone’s death: From organizing a funeral, to handling the bureaucracy and […]

Alina Nikolaou_income inequality_TEDxVienna

The space between us:
Income inequality

The life years you’ll have. The health you will enjoy…or suffer of. Your social status, the number of friends, how much you will trust them. Your character itself. Richard Wilkinson calculated the above for you, indicating how income inequality is not only a matter of politics and economy: It is an issue overshadowing your daily […]

group of robots

Machine Societies

OUT THERE, in a not so distant future lays a hypothetical point in time, when machines will have reached a status of intelligence and versatility so that they can improve themselves better and faster than humans can do. This point is frequently called singularity. What comes after singularity? After singularity, machines will very likely also own a form of consciousness […]