Coffee House Readings

Coffee House Readings #13:
Follow Your Gut

Trillions of tiny creatures live in your eyes, your ears and inside your gut. They have occupied almost every nook of your body. Follow Your Gut by Rob Knight will introduce you to the tiny inhabitants you share your body with, that you have probably never heard of before. And […]

O Home, where art thou?
Vienna through the eyes of the homeless.

Vienna, ranked “the most livable city”, is often associated with music, art and coffee… but let us scratch the beautiful surface and see what is hiding underneath. Although Vienna houses a wide mix of people, there are some that you probably have looked at, chosen to not really see and […]

Handelskai Midnight Train

Ode to Viennese nights 2

Tungsten lights, white and colourful neon; people working and people sleeping; lit buildings and dark pathways; empty streets and bus stops. Bikes locked to street lamps, telephone booths and cigarette machines. Viennese nights are visually stunning. Streets are paved with colours, contrasts, textures and gradients. Objects unnoticed during daytime become […]


Coding: How to bring ideas to life 1

Do you also have a lot of ideas you want to work on? We constantly think about new ideas that can bring our projects to life. In the digital era, this often means providing a proper framework for automatizing periodic daily tasks. Of course, this requires a lot of effort and […]

Impact Hub

The Impact Hub – where Start Up dreams come true

As you know, we, the TEDxVienna team, are already planning this year’s next big conference and for the most part our meetings take place at a very special co-working venue: The Impact Hub. Not only do they have a café and a global network community – oh no, they offer you way […]

mentoring, mentor, mentorship, school, student, refugee, migrant, culture

Intercultural Mentoring – a missing link in school reform

  „Mentorship: a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.“ Think about your first mentors in life – your mother and your father! They gave you unconditional love and support, provided you with food and […]

Science Clip – Wissenschaft einmal anders

Mitunter wird man vom Fortschritt der Wissenschaft überrascht, obwohl der Weg aus dem Labor in die Gesellschaft beschwerlich, manchmal sogar unmöglich ist. Nichtwissen oder Vorurteile können das Verständnis für wissenschaftlich Wissenschaft einfach, einfach Wissenschaft und deren Wert stark einschränken. Das wiederum erschwert die Weitergabe des Wissens durch Medien, Schulen und […]

Talk of the week – Eli Pariser: Beware online “filter bubbles”

On February 11th, 2012, protests were held against ACTA in more than 200 European cities. Facebook, Google, yahoo and many more already understand the way their consumers are thinking. Tailored ads and personification, more efficient search results are supposed to help us navigating better and more efficaciously through the loads of […]

Anitra Eggler – E-mail makes you stupid, poor and sick!

About the talk Crackberry became the nick name not only for the mobile device but a category for a generation. Is there a way to change the saying ‘Email, therefore I am‘? Definitely: 7 steps to start with…