TEDxVienna 2012 – INSTANITY: everything now

Derived from the words ‘instant’ and ‘insanity’, it symbolizes the spirit of our technologically minted times: everything now. In a single minute, we could cook a microwave meal, or snap and print a photo, gather all the necessary information at the press of a single button, and even control an avatar with our mere thoughts. Technological development has become instant, but could that drive us insane? How could a human brain whose developmental processes occur in phases understand and make the best use of technological achievements that have been exponentially growing at an amazingly fast rate? At our conference, we would like to spread the ideas of people who make this exponential development possible. At the same time, we would like to explore the boundaries that have been significantly shaken and pushed by the instant technological development; how technology re-shapes our human nature and how we learn to control for the risks that inevitably come with it.

When: 03. November 2012
Venue: Odeon Theatre
Adress: Taborstr. 10, 1020 Vienna

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Conference activities:

This year we’ve tried not to overcrowd the speaker line-up, so during the day, there will be 3 sessions of talks. In the menu on your left you can view the speaker profiles. Nevertheless, the day will be full of activities in and around the conference. Throughout we will cater to your culinary delight with our partners Ströck and Kochabo.at, so you can muster the physical and mental strength for making the most out of this experience.

• Exhibitions & Workshops

In this area, you will feast your senses on some breakthrough technologies in a hands-on manner. Our friends from Metalab, Vienna’s prominent hacker space — an open center for people who do creative things with technology — will showcase some of their imaginative projects, from gadgets to tech-art. Joining us at the conference as a destination on their 2012 world tour is Aldebaran Robotics, a company which designs, produces, and commercializes autonomous humanoid robots. NAO, their programmable, 57-cm tall humanoid robot, will be there with a team of engineers to give you glimpse into the possibilities such a platform opens and maybe also let you program the robot alongside them. Here’s a video of NAO:

Throughout the day you will have the chance to experience the functionalities of a brain computer interface, as g.tec is joining our conference. g.tec developed the first commercially available BCI system in 1999 and now sells this system in more than 60 countries worldwide. This technology is currently revolutionizing medical fields, potentially empowering paraplegics for example. Take a look at this explanatory video:

As a leader in design and development of surface computing-based exhibits and applications, John Robie will also be present at the event, showcasing their multi-touch solutions with a wide range of modular products to fit individual requirements and environments. Look out for their polished screens!

• Interactive experiences

There will be an amazing book swap at the conference. What we need from you is to bring along one of the favorite books you’ve read and let an unknown person attending the event have it. We will take your book at the entrance and set up book swap booth where you can go and grab a new one. Don’t forget to write a dedication to the new owner!

We also know that all of our attendees are inspiring brave thinkers. Therefore, we’ll have a special corner set with a camera where each of you will get the chance to present your idea worth spreading. You’ll get three minutes. After the event we will let the community decide on which of the persons presenting will get to do it on the stage at one of our upcoming events. How awesome is that? So besides the book, be sure to bring your most inspiring ideas along.

• Evening event

To conclude the conference, we’ve reserved the Holy Moly restaurant of Badeschiff Vienna. In the evening, after the talks and conference activities are completed, we invite you to this great floating venue, less than 10 minutes away from our conference location. Holy Moly is a restaurant hovering over the Danube close to Vienna’s old center and provides a beautiful setting for a great night-finale to our event.

So go to the left side menu and click on “Register” as tickets are being sold quickly.

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