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October 21, 2017
09:00 - 21:00

About the event

“On The Edge” is a sign of the times. On the one hand, humanity is experiencing exponential growth in ideas at the cutting edge of technology and science. On the other hand, society has seemingly been driven to the edge, with divisions rapidly spreading across the world.

Our conference will blend advances on the edge of a breakthrough in fields like AI, blockchain or gene editing with personal stories of living on the edge and ideas for getting an edge on pressing global issues like climate change and inequality.


Speakers from all over the globe converge in Vienna to share ideas that will keep you On The Edge of your seat.

Andrew Snyder-Beattie
Andrew Snyder-Beattie Existential Risk Researcher | UK
Andrew Snyder-Beattie
Andrew Snyder-Beattie
Existential Risk Researcher | UK
Andrew Snyder-Beattie is the Director of Research at the Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford. His work is ranging from the fields of ecology, economics, astrobiology, and technology policy.
Shamsia Hassani
Shamsia Hassani Graffiti Artist | AFG
Shamsia Hassani
Shamsia Hassani
Graffiti Artist | AFG
Media has always shown Afghanistan as a war torn, politically stabilized, and negative nation with no hope for the future. Shamsia carries a massive burden of representing a nation’s artistic and colorful values to the world, and she does it with pride and grace. She has inspired thousands of Afghan women to love themselves, believe in themselves, and bring positive change to the Afghan society through their talent.
David Jay
David Jay Portrait Photographer | USA
David Jay
David Jay
Portrait Photographer | USA
David Jay has been shooting fashion and beauty professionally for over 15 years. Like so many others personally touched by the disease, Jay was inspired to act when a dear friend was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32. Like the subjects themselves, Jay's stark, bold portraits challenge traditional perceptions of the disease and capture the raw beauty, strength and character of so many extraordinary young women. The scar project is a series of large scale portraits of young breast cancer survivors.
Pablo Garcia
Pablo Garcia Artist & Designer | USA
Pablo Garcia
Pablo Garcia
Artist & Designer | USA
Pablo Garcia is Associate Professor in Contemporary Practices at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Born in 1975, Garcia was in college when the first internet browser launched. Composite training in traditional analog and then-nascent digital technologies inspired a research practice into the intersection and overlap of art and technology, obsolescence and the cutting edge, the real and the virtual. Garcia’s work ranges from scholarly contributions to art historical studies to contemporary artworks examining digital culture.

More to be announced soon

Our complete line-up will include up to 20 international speakers and performers.


  TEDxVienna talks 

Experience live TEDx talks firsthand.

  Exhibition area 

Interactive experiences and innovations on display.


Meet local and visiting innovators, from technology, entertainment, design, and a host of other exciting fields.

  Food and drinks 

The perfect way to complement the brain food we provide, feast on creative meals from resourceful local providers.

  After Party 

Celebrate a successful event with good music and drinks.

Tickets are not refundable, but you can change the holder's name until October 8th, contact us to do so.


What if I bought a ticket but can’t attend the conference anymore?

No problem, you can transfer it to somebody else. Please send us the name and email of the person you want to transfer it to with the email you used to buy your ticket(s) until October 8th.

What else is happening during the day?

Alongside TEDx talks we have prepared inspiring and amazing interactive experiences and performances, delicious local food & drinks, networking opportunities, all happening in and around the confines of the beautiful Volkstheater.

Are food and drinks included?

Of course! We’ll make sure your focus is on great ideas and not on your rumbling stomach. You’ll be able to enjoy a tasty selection of snacks and refreshments at no additional cost.

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