Notorious Design Minds

TEDxViennaSalon 2012

On the 28 of March we will convene again for another salon event that brings together several areas of the manufacturing, design and fashion industry in order to discuss and inspire innovations in the Austrian fashion market. Innovations ranging from the use of new materials, to strategies that brings the designer closer to his/her consumer. The speakers and the elite of bloggers and relevant minds from the Austrian fashion industry will meet at the Ring Suite of The Ring, Vienna’s Casual Luxury Hotel. Fashionistas’, bloggers and ‘notorious fashion minds’ will meet each other, not only to spread some ideas on fashion in Vienna and/or Austria but also to talk about innovation in the Austrian fashion market. Speakers will include Yvan Rodic (Facehunter), Daniela Enzi(Deputy Director, Prok. MQ Vienna), Sabinna Rachimova (Broken Cookies), Alex Schönburg(agency 4e7) and Anouk Wipprecht (Tech Couture).

Venue: The Ring, Vienna’s Casual Luxury Hotel
Date:  28.03.2012
Time: 17:00