TEDxVienna | Live from TED2018
TED2018, Live from Vancouver, in ViennaTED2018, Live from Vancouver, in Vienna

14th of April 2018, Gartenbaukino Vienna

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Buckle up. It’s wild out there!

Watch two full length sessions of the legendary TED2018 conference on the big screen on April 14th in Vienna.


Some days it truly feels that the world has gone mad. But behind the neck-snapping political and social shifts we’re seeing, the pace of technological, biomedical and scientific progress continues to accelerate. Truly jaw-dropping demonstrations
of tech power are emerging almost every day. And they are likely to play a huge role in the story of the coming years. All of this is genuinely amazing, tapping into every sense of that word — from shockingly disturbing to thrillingly hopeful.
It looks to us as if it’s time to collectively breathe deep and prepare for a remarkable new era as politics, globalization, technology, the future of work, and what it even means to be human are all reinvented before our eyes. Forget fake news!
We want to offer up the real news. So for TED2018, we’ll be tapping into the resources of an expanded curatorial group and going all-out to bring you visibility into the key developments driving this future, from jaw-dropping AI to glorious
new forms of creativity to courageous advocates of radical social change. We’ll include critics and skeptics, but also the quiet heroes driving ideas we can rally around. And through it all, we’ll seek an exciting and insightful way forward.

Join us at Vienna’s prime art house cinema Gartenbaukino on the 14th of April for an exclusive broadcast from TED2018:
The Age of Amazement.

Gartenbaukino Vienna / 14th of April 2018

Parkring 12, 1010 Wien


Doors open at 13:15, Live broadcast starts at 14:00. Tickets are available for purchase online.



Doors open*


Introduction by TEDxVienna


1st Session

Talks to be announced soon.


Coffee Break*


2nd Session

Talks to be announced soon.



*Tropical Music by Monsieur Gostoso


Kai-Fu Lee


Giada Gerboni

Biomedical engineer

Renzo Piano


Luhan Yang

CRISPR/Cas9 pioneer

Simona Francese

Analytical chemist

Luke Sital-Singh


Alex Honnold

Rock climber


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