TEDGlobal2012 Simulcast

TEDxViennaLive 2012

We will stream the talks from the second day at TEDGlobal 2012.

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected and open. Radically open — manifesting itself in open borders, open culture, open-source, open data, open science, open world, open minds. With the loss of privacy that it implies, openness carries its own dangers. But it breeds transparency, authenticity, creativity and collaboration. At TEDGlobal 2012 we will explore the idea of Radical Openness.

All bets are off as to what openness and collaboration in an ultra-connected world will mean for human potential. Traditional top-down models of organization no longer reflect reality. Social capital and influence are becoming stronger currencies than hierarchy and formal power. New, collaborative ways of creating meaning and things are developing at fast pace. Only one thing appears certain: Secrecy is no longer bankable: impact is. The future will be built on great ideas, and for that, great ideas need to circulate freely, broadly and openly.