Recapping the recaps – 10 years of TEDxVienna salons and conferences

It is About Time for the 10 year anniversary of TEDxVienna. The day is almost here. Will you be there to celebrate with us?

Looking back and reflecting on the way we took to get here, to this 10 year anniversary of TEDxVienna, we get a bit nostalgic. So many exciting conferences, salons, different locations, different formats. Over the last few weeks, we recapped some of the more recent conferences (SIMPLEXITY (2018), On The Edge (2017), and OUT THERE (2016)), but that does not mean that we forgot about older conferences like What if… (2015), Brave New Space (2014), Unlimited (2013) or Insanity (2012).

Also the salon event that took place over the years are dear to our heart, eg: TEDxVienna Salon Adventures such as Be a conductor, Color with light or Walk in weird Vienna (2017), The future of Intimacy (2016), CITYx (2015), TEDxAmRing (2014), CITYx (2014) or City 2.0 (2013).

However, TEDxVienna is not just a one-day conference. We also have this blog, publishing ideas worth spreading all year round since 2011. How cool is that? Maybe you have read our interviews with the erotic film director Erica Lust, the cyborg Neil Harbisson or the mentalist Harry Lucas

After looking back, it is time to look forward. I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to About Time and the next 10 years of TEDxVienna.

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