Monthly Archives: July 2011

Finest Street Art – A Collection

When artists decide to carry out their messages and creations to the public, it is often the streets where they find their perfect canvas, biggest audience and resonance. This blog post is dedicaded to all of the given moments, when people pause for a moment, start to marvel and break […]

Inspiring you to start new roads: Travel blogs 2

There are million different feelings we experience when visiting a new place. Thoughts come up about what we should see or what we should skip and as we reach for our guide book, we discover that it can’t always help us make a decision. That is because they are usually […]

NY Times Tool: See How Stories Spread on Twitter

  The New York Times’ R&D team recently introduced “Project Cascade”. A new tool that visualizes the life of a news article in the Social Web. “Project Cascade” can track how stories spread on Twitter and allows for precise analysis of the structures which underly sharing activity on the web: […] – Was uns Bürgern vorenthalten wird

Wer sich ab und zu ein wenig mit den Vorgängen in unserem Land auseinander setzt, wird das Gefühl der Frustration kennen, wenn manche Daten einfach nicht zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Als Privatperson gibt man dann schnell auf und lässt das Thema möglicherweise hinter sich. Besonders brisant wird es immer dort, […]