Monthly Archives: January 2012

Cameron Sinclair – Architecture for Humanity

The traditional idea of development aid stopped working a long time ago. Even in case of natural disasters, western societies learned to involve the native population to reach social sustainability instead of complete dependency. But how? Well, you can achieve social and economic stability within a living and engaged community. […]

Feminisierung der Technologie – Mz Baltazar´s Laboratory

Zugegeben: Technologie ist männlich. Dieser Umstand ist geschichtlich bedingt weil die Frauen sehr spät Zugang zur Bildung bekommen haben. Als Isaac Newton die Gravitationsgesetze zusammengefasst hat, konnten nur junge Frauen aus adeligen Familien in Klosterschulen Lesen und Schreiben lernen.

Social Business rocks Vienna – Part 2

Shortly after our anual conference, we organized an impressive Salon Event on Social Business with nobel peace prize winner Prof. Yunus. Today we proudly present the next 3 talks about Social Business. Please enjoy these exceptional insights and check out the first three talks we published earlier.