Monthly Archives: October 2012

Instanity in Education…and everywhere around

The transition from a world where information, knowledge and teachers are scarce to a world where they are abundant certainly affects domains that traditionally served as “information transfer hubs”, aka…schools. While not so long ago, a simple question of a curious teenager might have remained unanswered due to a lack […]

The development of a new species – Homo Evolutis

  Did it ever occur to you that you have less time than you’ve had 10 years ago? While emphasizing our constant need for control (of the schedule, of our lives, of nature and basically, of our planet) things have developed into this fast need for INSTANITY that keeps us […]

Third round of confirmed speakers for TEDxVienna 2012

It’s less than one month until the TEDxVienna Conference 2012, and it will be all about Instanity. Derived from the words „instant“ and „insanity“, the term becomes a symbol of our times where technology mingles inseparably with every aspect of society and everyday life. We permanently generate, share and download information, […]