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Control or vulnerability – Avi Rubin: All your devices can be hacked

Computer systems and computer networks are inspiring. Their progress is a fortunately unlimited incentive that keeps scientists, software developers and tech-savvy people reinventing previously done work, improving it and making it available and useful to society. But what happens when among these three categories of technology makers with advanced understanding of […]

Introverts Are People Too

Have you ever been told that you should strive to be a “people person”? Do you loathe small talk? Would you rather spend a free weekend by yourself, reading, writing, drawing than party all day and all night? Here’s a big secret: You are not alone, and you also do […]

The danger of a single story by Chimamanda Adichie

Similar to most successful happenings of great social, political and/or economic impact that immediately receive criticism from entities attempting to “unveil” their real but hidden intentions, the TED and TEDx conferences also got their critics. While some argue that TED is the new conveyor belt of “patented” ideas allowing only an exclusive group of […]

Think again!

Four full days under one imperative: Think Again! Yes, this was TEDGlobal 2013 happening this year in Edinburgh. On June, 12th we gathered at Schikaneder for the live cast from TEDGlobal. The sessions – Money talks and Listening the nature brought us excellent speakers to inspire us to change our perspective, ask the right questions and […]

Peaceful Protests Reshaping Vienna (Part 2 of 2): Street Art

    From Mexico City and Bogotá to Melbourne, Bristol, and Orgosolo, people whose voices would otherwise remain unheard use art to protest subjugation, corruption, exploitation, hypocrisy, segregation, and despair. They choose for their canvases the walls of the city. Street art has long been an act of protest that […]

Peaceful Protests Reshaping Vienna (Part 1 of 2): Critical Mass

    The eyes of the cycling world are fixed on Vienna, at least temporarily, as the Velo-city conference begins today. While the presence of a conference in Europe’s most conference-friendly city is not news on its own, the fact that this particular conference happens to be the planet’s largest […]