Monthly Archives: July 2013

Highly contagious: Sparking ideas

You have experienced it: things go viral. You have seen how Gangnam Style repeatedly flooded your Facebook news feed and how the Harlem Shake was recreated in yet another way. While the spreading of these videos seems trivial, the underlying principles of such viral behavior are far away from being […]

A promising test for pancreatic cancer … from a teenager named Jack Andraka

  “Independent learning, a single-minded focus, engage in your child’s project–even if it’s over your head, limit rules & encourage independence” Mr. and Mrs. Andraka in Forbes If you expect these words to come from a psychology book, you might be wrong. These are the key principles that two parents in […]

Alternative Ways of Living with “Wohnwagon” 1

A long time ago, our ancestors decided it was time to stop the nomad life and settle down. This marked an important milestone in the history of human civilization. Many, many years later, it seems that people are ready for something different and alternative forms of living and housing such […]

We are all cyborgs now

How many cyborgs do you know? That’s a question most people would confidently respond to with “None, luckily. We’re humans”. Logically, if we consider the below definition of a cyborg and think about all the technological advancements that have infiltrated our lives at ALL levels, the answer might slightly change. And […]

More than the sum of its parts: Harnessing Collective Intelligence

Have you recently poked someone on Facebook, or logged onto Twitter from a public computer? Thank you and congratulations: Chances are that you just helped to digitalize an old book or an archived issue of the New York Times. How? You might have been asked to type in two slightly […]