Monthly Archives: December 2013

Limits of Inventions

Many good things start with the letter “I”: Ideas, imagination, inspiration, invention, innovation… Moreover, those concepts have more in common than just their initial letter – they are closely interconnected. Where do ideas come from? Why do people invent things? When does innovation happen? Inventions usually carry a strong pragmatic component […]

Limits of Society

Throughout history, society has been influenced by a series of factors such as governmental and non-governmental bodies, their laws and rules, media, education, economic factors (GDP, poverty, unemployment) science, technology, globalization and many others. If the influence spread more or less globally, very often the consequences had to be dealt […]

New Years

Turn off the light! – Deep sea explorations in the dark

We have discovered most on a macroscopic scale. We combed through every square meter on land, leaving no white spots on the map. We landed on the moon to investigate the universe around us. We traveled to the deepest parts of the ocean. Is there something left to explore? Can […]

A chat about innovation & business with Boris Marte, Head of Erste Hub

The elevator opens for the third floor. We rush for our appointment and at the entrance, above the doorbell we read:   Poem: In the middle of the journey of our life, I found myself in a dark wood with the right road lost We are at Erste Hub – […]

The Power of Taking Time Off

With the Christmas holidays coming up, lots of people are looking forward to having a little bit of time off to recharge their batteries, get their head out of the game for a little while and hopefully come back to whatever it is they are pursuing full of energy and […]