Monthly Archives: January 2014

The Four Stories We Tell Ourselves About Death

Not long ago, we decided in this blog that it was “about time to think about time“, and we learned that time is basically a construction of the brain. Let’s say we had to picture that concept – in what shape would it come? Would it come out as something […]

Hip Hop Jamming With Robots

Artificial intelligence has been so far depicted in movies as evil robots brutally taking over our planet and transforming humans into their slaves. Robots should be this scary and mean entity that once it develops further than the human intelligence, where it actually emerged from, it will definitely try to […]

TEDxVienna Vsauce

Become a blogger at TEDxVienna 2

“A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others” Lee Odden Projects, ideas, trends, mind-blowing scientific endeavors, outstanding inventors, makers and trendsetters found a spotlight on the TEDxVienna blog since 2011. Answering questions people want to hear but don’t really ask and spreading knowledge and ideas is […]

New Years

Join the TEDxVienna Team!

New adventures, new successes, new creative minds! This is TEDxVienna’s resolution for 2014 and here we are taking a first step towards accomplishing our goals. Starting its 5th year now, the TEDxVienna has developed into a stage for impressive projects and ideas worth sharing and most importantly into a strong community, […]

Who says you can’t play with food?

Have you ever asked yourself where music comes from and why do we enjoy it so much? Well, if you haven’t, academic minds have. Trying to find an answer to this question was something that even Charles Darwin, the father of the evolutionary theory himself, was preoccupied by.