Monthly Archives: February 2014

#SELFIEPORN – more than a sexy lie?

Taking selfies is becoming an all-too-common practice in today’s western society. Widely associated with selfish behavior, it is often seen as representative of the Generation Y‘s attitude towards life. As the genre rises, it seems to cross borders of generations and already took it’s place at the center of society. […]

Scientists act a lot like … nature

The human body often needs to regenerate itself after suffering injuries, from small ones like skin wounds to ones that need a lot of effort for the it to fix the harm such as liver transplants or even lung regeneration for smokers. And in many cases it, the results are […]

The other face of … flea markets

We all know it has to be done from time to time, even though it’s quite hard for some and results in anxiety attacks for others. It can be painful. Unnerving. It may involve tears. But it’s also healthy – and in some cases (Hey there, hoarders!) even necessary. You […]

MathMagic: Numbers in Nature

Nature is often remarkedly structured and precise. Mathematics has been used since the ancient times to describe the earth and the universe. Especially the greek were masters in handeling numbers and using the power of mathematical formulars to explain natural processes like acceleration of objects and many more.

The Journey to Summacumlaudia: Gamification in Education

Let’s face it. There are times when the world around and inside us is grey and monotonous, when a look outside the window and a look into the mirror are equally boring. Being somebody else, somewhere else, and doing something completely different, an adventure where we overcome all our constraints, […]

The many faces of …

During the month of February the TEDxVienna blog will be hosting an “exhibition” of articles, photos and videos dedicated to the many faces of .. the earth, learning, science and design, objects, nature and people. We will explore opportunities, challenges, possibilities and impossibilities, pros and cons, layers of truth and […]