Monthly Archives: March 2014

Dialog Im Dunkeln – Shining Light On A Unique Experience

Museums have been a place of enlightenment and education and a catalyst for sparking conversations and debates between friends for centuries. In the era of social media and visual online communication the need of going to museums for greater understanding has been declining in recent years. However no Museum more […]

What you don’t know about routine

The morning, just like the rest of the day, is full of routines. The mind might still sleep, but the body carries out the familiar tasks anyway. A shower followed by coffee, then grab the keys and lock the door. As adults, people might not even be aware of all their routines […]

Fear and danger – an astronaut’s perspective

Generations of scientists from every possible discipline work together to ensure a better understanding of the universe. Not only is their work able to provide insights into the creation of our planet and others and into the possible dangers that Earth might be exposed to as part of the universe […]

When science “fiction” becomes science “fact”

„What if?“ Both scientific research and science fiction start with the same two words. Science is trying to explain and enhance reality. SciFi stories produce a discourse of what is and what may be, they reflect the fears and aspirations of humankind for the future. Innovations we once saw in […]

Discovering the different: How do other people live?

How do other people live? This question is probably as old as humanity itself. We want to know what other people do, eat, watch, read and experience – that’s why we are signed up for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. According to the social comparison theory, comparing ourselves to others helps […]

Differentiation of human supremacy

“All too willingly man sees himself as the centre of the universe, as something not belonging to the rest of nature but standing apart as a different and higher being,”¹ wrote Konrad Lorenz in 1963 – ten years later, he received the Nobel Prize for his fascinating research about animal […]

Corruption revealed by TED Prize 2014 winner

Every year, Transparency International surveys people from all around the world on their experiences with corruption in public and private entities, be it politics, business, education, the medical system, NGOs, etc. The image above reveals the countries (51 out of 107!!) most affected by corruption at a political level.  However, the […]