Monthly Archives: November 2014

Talk of the week: The co-founder of Avaaz about new ways of activism – and business

Jeremy Heimans, the co-founder of Avaaz which is a platform to launch and share political campaigns, shares in this lively talk how the power balance in the world is shifting what new power is and isn’t what new power means for organizations and business and how old power is pushing back.

Why don’t you put your camera on a leash?

When Joseph Nicéphore Niepce in 1826 produced the first known photograph made with a camera (by exposing an asphalt coated paper for eight hours), little did he expect that less than 200 years later the world would host flying camera drones.

TEDxVienna Brave New Space – Thank you!

Early on Saturday Nov 1st, people gathered together in the Viennese Volkstheater for the yearly TEDxVienna conference. The theme for this year’s event was  “Brave New Space” and together with 20 speakers and 1000 guests we’ve explored patterns and discovered new paths. The event was sold out, but we had […]