Monthly Archives: January 2015

Down Under Dreaming

When you think of escaping, you want to go away from what you currently have, where you momentarily are. For us Europeans, the furthest one could think of might be the other end of the world – Australia. While travelling to the distant continent, though, experiences are not limited to […]

Should Cities Run the World?

In this week’s talk, Benjamin Barber presents the provocative idea that the future of global democracy should lie in the hands of city mayors rather than nation states. “We live in a 21st-century world of interdependence and brutal interdependent problems, and when we look for solutions in politics and democracy, […]

#TBT: Your 3 favourite TEDxBlog articles of 2014

At TEDxVienna, we care not just about spreading ideas presented at our talks. Our bloggers challenge themselves regularly with the quest of finding interesting stories and curious pieces of information which strike a chord – with you. Thanks to the invention of #TBT we now get the chance to look […]

Refugees of modern society – exiting the conventional life

Even if you love all the rise of technology right now, one has to admit that our technological advancements bring consequences with them. Some good and some are troublesome like the ever increasing energy consumption and varies detrimental impacts on our ecosystems. Increasing consumerism combined with globalisations conveys the feeling […]

Isolation, virtual travels and role playing. Small tricks to escape the daily business. 1

Everyone needs a break now and then. While some prefer peace and solitude, others like to travel or briefly escape to a virtual world. However it is done, it is not only fun but also a good way of getting some perspective and refresh a usually overloaded mind.

Imagine all the people sharing all the world

  Have you ever dreamed of making a road trip through the Ukraine? Or meeting your favorite author on the other side of the atlantic ocean? Or seeing the world through the eyes of an insect? Well, imagination triggered by fiction can take you on the nicest journey and Elif […]