Monthly Archives: May 2015

Why we need tricksters in a world of juxtaposition

Juxtapose is this month’s blog theme, and juxtaposition is defined in the Oxford dictionary as “the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.” Juxtapositions can describe a variety of opposites, such as rich vs. poor and young vs. old, but can also occur in the form of heated […]

Vik Muniz’s photos play with perception and contradictions

  Art has throughout history served several purposes – to create a representation of reality, convey political statements or simply provide a beautiful treat for your eye. However, art can also have the intention to shock, question or push boundaries. A famous example of provoking and controversial pieces comes from […]

Vienna worth spreading: win tickets while making art. 2

CITYx is TEDxVienna’s annual salon event concerning all things urban. This year it´s all about the cities of the future and the future of cities. Nine amazing speakers will talk about their vision of future urbanism in the well-known TED manner. But there will also be an interactive exhibition area, delicious […]

#HIVHEROES: Take the Issue in your hands

An Interview with Julian Wiehl A powerful awareness campaign called #HIVHEROES is sweeping across the media world – with big impact! Amidst many global issues that are competing for attention in our world today, the HIV virus and its severe consequences have nearly faded into oblivion. Vangardist, an Austrian men’s […]

The Rise of African Superheroes

Which character would you identify yourself with most? Batman, Superman, Sailor Moon, maybe even the Hulk? Even if none of these characters appeal to you personally, thousands of other people around the world have grown up with them. The release of the new Avengers movie, “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, exemplifies […]

The architectural rendering of life and death

Airports and train stations, hospitals and cemeteries… Places known for their bad lighting and their sad attempt to lighten up the atmosphere with some green elements in order to offer consolation to those left behind. The psychology of saying goodbye is always the same, and so is its architecture. Due […]