Monthly Archives: October 2015

What if we designed the most awesome bags and T-shirts?

The preparations for What if… are running on full speed. While we, of course, get support from our sponsors, we didn’t want to miss the chance to get involved creatively. That´s why we decided to have a creative design session to create not only 1.200 What if…-branded bags for our audience but also […]

Introducing: Social Media for your Live Event

Each year approximately one thousand people gather at TEDxVienna to hear fresh ideas and new groundbreaking research from people around the world. The TEDx conferences are made possible because of various types of volunteers with various types of talents and passion that makes this extraordinary event come to life. People […]


What If we put a spin on learning?

The Evolution of Learning The concept of “learning” has taken on an entirely new meaning in the past decades. Like with everything else, learning has gone though a number of changes brought about by interesting innovations that have unfolded over the past. The overall first problem of learning that needed […]

What if we expose ourselves to the hardships of life and what if Spiderman exists?

In today’s world we often believe that we are in charge of our lives. We are led to believe that we can control what happens to us and lay out the path we want to follow through life. It sounds fairly easy. But no matter how meticulously we plan, life […]