Monthly Archives: January 2016

The philosophy of upcycling

When you take a look around Pinterest you find lots of lists, quotes and regular DIY ideas, but one thing in particular seems to stand out lately: Upcycling. You can find detailed instructions on how to turn an old book into a new purse, how to make hooks out of […]


Mobile and Social Learning – The Survival Kit of the New World

Corporate learning has been increasing significantly in the last decade. A trend study shows that eLearning will be a required standard in Germany until 2017. The current development process is definitely connected with an increase in mobility. Mobile phones and other technical devices such as tablets grant us a complete location-independent […]

When Old meets New in a Fandom

Fandoms can be found virtually anywhere. No matter whether it is a movie franchise, a music genre or a solo artist, there will be a fandom for it. Although the members of such tight-knit communities feel a sense of belonging in their new found families, the initial struggle to fit […]

Let’s go on a Viennese adventure

It’s pitch-black in the forest of the Prater. Only your lantern lights your way. In the distance you spot a flame. Is this where your next challenge is waiting for you? The next demon you must face? Then you hear them. The bells. They’re coming closer. The demons are coming […]

Eliasson’s Baroque Baroque

The Belvedere‘s Winter Palace, an unexpected exhibition space for contemporary art, steeped in its own historical importance and architectural marvel, is the current container for Olafur Eliasson‘s Baroque Baroque. The show, which is a selection of installations on loan from TBA21 and The Juan & Patricia Vergez Collection (Buenos Aires), runs until March 6, 2016, and is well worth […]

The resurrected poets society

Do you remember the last time that you actually took a pen and a sheet of paper in your hands and wrote something? You don’t? Me neither. How about taking a piece of paper to draw something, as an expression of your own feelings? Or maybe to paint something? No? And […]