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Coffee House Readings #4: Man’s Search For Meaning

How is it possible to introduce a book like this, a great mind such as Viktor Frankl, in the most accurate way? Is it even possible to put all this content into a short book review? These questions made me reread and rewrite my miserable attempts desperately when starting this […]

Body & Mind

Pioneering a revolutionary body & mind relationship: Interview with Ben Hwang 4

The Pioneers Festival brings together entrepreneurs developing innovative technologies on May 24 & 25 in the Hofburg. One of their speakers is Ben Hwang of Profusa, a health tech company which revolutionizes the relationship our minds have with our bodies through a sensor implant, which provides a stream of live […]

What do you think when you look at her?

“What do you think when you look at me? A woman of faith? (…) Or oppressed. Brainwashed. A terrorist. (…) If some of your assumptions were negative I don’t even blame you. That’s just how the media has been portraying people who look like me.“ This is how Dalia Mogahed starts […]

OBEN – from networks to ideas

The classical Eureka or rhetorical lightbulb moments might be somewhat simplified metaphors for having great ideas. An Aha-moment is not an isolated idea but rather the end of an incubation process of thoughts, experience and exchange with others. I am sorry to say, but unless you are a mathematical genius, the likelihood that […]

Win Tickets for our (sold out) Future of Intimacy conference!

You’ve read about TEDxVienna’s upcoming conference on all our Social Media channels. Now a friend just told you about attending the conference so you decided to join in, but… there’s only one problem: the tickets are now sold out! Is all hope lost? NEVER!   Meet TEDxVienna’s Future of Intimacy […]

Simulated us

Are we living in a simulated universe? This two year old TEDx Salford Talk by Georg Smoot gives a brief, but brilliant introduction into this idea. Already 30 years ago, the topic began to emerge and while we still have no proof and maybe never be able to proof or falsify this argument, it has […]

Do you broadcast your intellect?

Stereotyping happens. And it happens a lot. Far too often, an individual’s degree of intellect is estimated on account of their looks. Whilst the majority of people agree that stereotyping is wrong and judgemental, it can also serve as a means of protection. Another way of looking at stereotypes is […]

On evolution, space and ex-prisoners – TEDxWarsaw “In a heartbeat”

  Can aromatic compounds teach you new recipes? Are we ready for Genetically Modified Humans? If NSA is number 2, which company is the number 1 employer of mathematicians? Are we interfering with our own evolution? When it comes to humans and smart devices – who is in charge of […]