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CITYx Vienna
On September 25th, we proudly invite you to the Weltmuseum Wien to shape CITYx with us! The TEDxVienna salon event sets out to explore urban treasures and makes the attempt to grasp what the city is. The city is not set in stone. It is vivid, unpredictable and full of surprises like its inhabitants. 8 speakers from around the world will share their unique views on cities and their potential.

1. How to explore hidden or forbidden places

The Value of Trespass – Bradley Garrett

Bradley L. Garrett is a researcher at the University of Oxford with a passion for photography of off-limits places. His first book “Explore Everything: Place-Hacking the City” is an account of his adventures trespassing into ruins, tunnels and skyscrapers in eight different countries. His new books “Underground London: Cracking the Surface” and “Undergrounds: Exploring our Cities within” will be published soon. Details of his current research, media projects, publications and events can be found at bradleygarrett.com

bradley garrett cityx tedxvienna

2. How to enhance public spaces with art

The Medium is the Metropolis – Matthew Passmore

Matthew Passmore is an artist, teacher and public space advocate. With a background in philosophy, filmmaking and law, he brings a multidisciplinary approach to creating innovative cultural projects all over the world. Best known as the original founder of the Rebar Art & Design Studio, he has lectured and exhibited internationally and speaks regularly on the role of the artist in improving the quality of the urban realm. Matthew teaches at the graduate school of Urban Studies at the San Francisco Art Institute. Check out his work at rebargroup.org

matthew passmore cityx tedxvienna

3. How to transform urban planning

Alternative Strategies for Urban Transformation – Stefanie Wuschitz

Stefanie Wuschitz is a lecturer, researcher and media artist from Vienna. Her art work has been presented all over Europe and the USA. In 2009, she founded the feminist hackerspace Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory. Since 2011, she has been an active member of CIT: A collective of architects, spacial planers and artists who want to use the empty industrial site “Gaswerk Leopoldau” for artist interventions, performances, urban practices, studios, youth work, workshops, urban gardens and the celebration of sharing culture. Find out more at grenzartikel.com

stefanie wuschitz cityx tedxvienna

What is CITYx?

CITYx is an idea, a question, and a challenge. It is the individual dreams, risks, loves, and actions that collectively shape the city. CITYx is the individual people who shape their city, and it is the city that shapes its people. CITYx is kaleidoscopic, it must be seen a thousand different times, from a thousand different angles. CITYx belongs to the people who see it, who inhabit it, who engage it, who invest themselves in it, whether for an hour or a lifetime. CITYx is what we make it.

x is the unknown, the variable, the becoming. x is independently organized. x marks the spot. Join us at TEDxVienna’s CITYx event on September 25th, 2014, and discover the city you only thought you knew. Get your tickets now!

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