5 predictions from 1984 by Nicholas Negroponte

1984 was the year French immunologist, Dr. Luc Montagnier identified the AIDS virus, but also the year genetic fingerprinting or DNA profiling was developed to later become the main method for forensic scientists to otain evidence in a crime. Same year, the pop culture wins three more of its best movies: Ghostbusters, the Karate Kid and the Terminator. Another event that most of the pre-digital natives (the 80s generation, I’d say) would tend to add to their lifetime milestones is the launch of the first commercial CD Players introduced by Sony and Philips. Oh, those CD players…

But 1984 was also the year the first TED conference was held in Monterey California where some great names of the digerati community like Nicholas Negroponte, Stewart Brand, Benoit Mandelbrot opened up a world where Technology, Design and Entertainment beautifully converenged and set the grounds for some of the modern technology breakthroughs.

What’s more insteresting is that when Steve Jobs firstly introduced the original Macintosh in 1984, Nicholas Negroponte, was already criticising the use of a mouse in favour of a refined user-computer interaction based on touch. Guess what? 25 years later that actually became Apple’s mission statement.

In his funny and precient TED Talk from 1984, Nicholas Negroponte, the founder of the tech-savvy and multimedia revolution driver MIT Lab and also known for his non-profit One Laptop per Child Association, was predicting technologies with an extraordinary accuracy we are now using on a daily basis and can barely imagine our lives without. Using a very modern terminology to define the future face of human computer interaction, Negroponte explores the fingertip input mechanism, e-reading, real-time conferencing and other two innovations, but we’ll leave you to discover them yourself.


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