5 reasons you shouldn’t miss TEDxVienna 2013

Our speaker line-up is ready, the interactive experiences are set and you, the open-minded TEDx-ers should get ready to explore limits at our conference on November 2!
Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the UNLIMITED experience!

1. Be part of the biggest conference on a local level!

Founded in 1984 in California TED gathered the world’s most brilliant minds at its bi-annual conferences. The constant growth of the popularity of the event was disrupted in 2009 when the decision was made to give a license to local organizers, who can spread the TED-experience worldwide. 4 years later there are over 6000 TEDx conferences taking place around the world and you can be part of it on the 2nd of November at TEDxVienna 2013 UNLIMITED!

2. It feels like “brain spa”

18 international speakers will share their stories, knowledge and ideas with you. Defeating poverty, overcoming ageing, in vitro meat, a groundbreaking discovery in fashion materials, biodegradable plastics made out of banana peels are only some of the topics which will inspire you. Exploring limits on a personal, societal or technical level is only the first step in defeating and overcoming them. At the end of the event you will have a whole new perspective on limitations!

3. Get UNLIMITED inspiration

Through storytelling and the personal touch of the speakers the TEDxVienna talks won’t consist only of dry, hard to comprehend theories. The 18 minutes talks will deliver easy to digest ideas, which will inspire you to dig for further information and start questioning the nature of limits. Thinking out of the box takes work. Here’s a chance to grow some new connections in your brain!

4. Expand your network

On the 2nd of November we expect a crowd of 800 open-minded TEDx-ers which are, like you, interested in exchanging new ideas. We always encourage all the attendees to seat in every break next to unknown persons so that they can get the best out of our event. Last but not least you’ll have the chance to mingle with our speakers during the breaks, because they’re not leaving the conference after the talks.

5. Interact with the latest technologies of the local maker scene

Besides the opportunity to meet incredible speakers and listen to their inspiring stories, you will also have the chance to experience technology at its greatest. Brain Computer Interface3D printers, electronic drum poster, the MagicShifter or Flatpup, an extremely flat guitar pickup – are just some of the things you will be able to try out and play with at TEDxVienna.

If you got curious about TEDxVienna 2013 UNLIMITED then join us on the 2nd of November in Volkstheater. You can still buy a limited amount of tickets on the spot at the day of the event or by clicking on the red button. Looking forward to meeting you there!

Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography

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