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As humans, it is only natural for us to love plants. After all, they provide us with the necessary oxygen to survive. Whereas most people who own a garden will have the odd plant or bush in their green space, others who do not have access to an outdoor property will have to look for other ways to reap the benefits of caring for their own plants. This post will show you how indoor plants can change your life in more ways than you thought were possible!

1. Breathe better air

Many indoor plants have been proven to contribute to a cleaner and healthier air for your lungs to inhale. The most common air-purifying plants include the Spider Plant and the Aloe Vera. According to livescience, these plants not only eliminate carbon dioxide, but they also get rid of benezene and formaldehyde for you! By basically sucking up all the bad stuff and neutralizing it, you will be left with a happy plant, a happy home and a happy body. Now that you know about their amazing qualities, will you be able to resist welcoming a new, green roommate within your four walls?

2. Subliminal feel-good vibes

What makes you think of vacation? Okay, aside from the sun and beach… Bingo! Palm trees. Palm trees and many other plants are naturally associated with predominantly positive attributes. Plants stand for health, nature and peace, and thus, they will automatically convey these notions to you when you live in close proximity to them. Seeing a fresh, green plant standing on your bedside table whilst reading a good book can already boost your comfort level to staggering dimensions. Just try it out and see for yourself – plants spread good vibes nonstop!

3. That aesthetic though

Even if fresher air or a comfier atmosphere aren’t good enough reasons for you to get a plant, this one surely is: THEY MAKE EVERYTHING SOOO PRETTY! Seriously. A tall fern or palm in your bedroom’s corner or a small cactus on your working desk makes such a difference. Plus, if you love taking selfies in your room, plants can really spice up an otherwise boring background. Not just your followers on Instagram, but your real life guests will appreciate seeing happy, healthy plants in your home. Plus, having unique-looking or especially large indoor plants is always a great way to get the conversation going. Just how did you manage to grow it so tall?

4. A sense of responsibility

As you may know, plants need love and care. Forgetting to water them will have fatal effects, which can really kill those feel-good vibes I mentioned earlier. But don’t let that stop you from getting an indoor plant. On the contrary, take on this exciting new challenge as a new way to practice responsibility and maturity. Just knowing that you’re helping a living organism grow and develop can really strengthen your own self-esteem. Plus, seeing your plant grow or even bloom is an exciting feeling you do not want to miss! It’s like your own  little plant baby showing you how happy you’re making it. And don’t worry – even if you know you won’t have enough time to water your plants regularly, there’s always the option to go for an edgy and carefree cactus.

5. Save money through sustainability

So far, we’ve discussed air-cleansing and aesthetically pleasing plants. Now it’s time to talk about the ones that taste good, too! Having edible plants in your kitchen comes with two major bonus points. One: You won’t have to spend money on fancy greens or expensive herbs if you just grow them yourself! The seeds are seriously affordable and so readily available in most home supply stores. And two: If the plants are in your kitchen, you won’t ever forget or be too lazy to water them. Since the kitchen sink will just be one step away, you won’t need any excuses to put off nurturing your roomies.


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