6 things you should know before going to TEDxVienna Brave New Space

This year’s TEDxVienna Brave New Space (official hashtag #TEDxVienna) will happen in less than three days.  Around 1000 people will celebrate the discovery of a “Brave New Space” this Saturday in the Volkstheater Wien. The speakers, the program, the performer, the exhibitors, the interactive sessions and YOU, our amazing audience will contribute to the main goal of the conference: We want to discover new paths and unexpected frontiers. We will set aside the answers we think we know and ask the questions we are afraid to ask. Let’s have a look now at what awaits you.

1. International and local speakers

20 international and local speakers will take the TEDxVienna stage once again. They will tackle the most diverse and yet contemporary topics from the sociology and economics of love, digital biology, pornography, leadership to space, entrepreneurship, social activism, self quantification and many more. If you want to get to know the speakers a bit, read our blog posts here, here, here and here.

For those of you who will not be able to join us, we invite you to watch the live-stream. We will announce the URL on the day of the event, so stay tuned on our social media channels: Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

2. An amazing performance

The Austrian dance team Dance Industry will take us into a fantastic new world with their carefully coordinated electro-luminescent light suit choreography. They apply new technology and carefully timed synchronous moves to reinvent the dance show and create a thrilling experience for live viewers. It will be fantastic!

3. Networking opportunities

The speakers play a significant role in the success of the TEDxVienna conference, but what really creates its spirit and energy are the attendees. Around 1000 people will join us this year so what you should expect are 1000 of the most interesting and curious minds ready to share with you their wonderful stories, plans and dreams. So what better environment for networking than this?

We encourage you to form the craziest and most fruitful synergies. Look for others who share the same color of your badge.  Find out what ideas #worthspreading you might have in common and we’ll help you share them with the entire audience. More info on Saturday!

4. A great program

The doors of the Volkstheater Wien will open at 9:00 am on Saturday. That’s when registration starts. Please don’t forget your ticket and if bought a student ticket you need to bring your student ID! Once you’ve registered, we’ll provide you all the support material.

To get real-time info about the speakers, program and location go to tedxvienna.at/app on your phone and download the app (free and without registration for iOS and Android).

The conference is split in four sessions of talks, each of them with its own theme and goals. During the breaks, we invite you to network along and visit the exhibition area. There are loads of surprises waiting for you. If you want to have a look at the program of the conference, please visit this page.

5. Interactive sessions

Prepare for the funniest, most innovative, creative and connected experiences! Check out the exhibition area where you’ll see 3D printers in action, you’ll be able to take some funny photos with your friends or experience a “wohnwagon” and many other interactive activities!

Check out our creative walls where you can release your imagination on two questions: “What is the bravest thing you did?” and “What is the one pattern in your life you want to break?”. Go wild!

Also, our lovely partners will make sure you’ll have the right amount of energy and supplies for the whole day!

6. Hashtag your Saturday with #TEDxVienna!

Great moments await you on Saturday! We know you won’t want to miss any of them so take as many photos as possible and share them with us on TwitterFacebook & Instagram. Hashtag #TEDxVienna.

Let us know in real time what you think of the speakers! Be the first ones to inform our online community about your favorite speakers and exhibitors! Hashtag #TEDxVienna!

We are very much looking forward to greeting you there and we hope you’ll experience an unforgettable day!

See ya all on Saturday at TEDxVienna Brave New Space!

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