A few more things to expect at TEDxVienna 2013

Only a few more weeks to go before the TEDxVienna UnlimiTED conference, which is why it’s important to not only talk about the last of the great selection of speakers who will be in Vienna on November 2 but also introduce some of the amazing interactive experiences that will accompany this year’s conference.

Mark A.M. Kramer

Mark A.M. Kramer is a researcher / lecturer and, more recently, a full-time ePatient, exploring the limits and potentialities of information and communications technologies within healthcare and medicine. He has mainly focused on the fields of Human Computer Interaction and Social Informatics where he actively pushed the boundaries of mobile technologies and social media usage within education. In 2011, Mark became a full-time patient when he was faced with a serious health challenge which forced him to explore the limits of medicine and allowed him to develop his personal ePatient scenarios and redefine chemotherapy as a distributed, co-present experience.

Apart from a wide-spread array of amazing speakers, there are a few more things to be excited about regarding the TEDxVienna UnlimiTED conference – for example, a selection of inspiring and fascinating projects and products. Here’s a quick preview of what to expect.

I think, therefore I tweet

Imagine being able to write words, paint pictures or even play whole computer games solely with your thoughts. This can very soon be reality, as g.tec will demonstrate with their technology called Brain Computer Interface (BCI). g.tec has been dedicated to this technology and active in this research field for more than 10 years, mainly focusing on the use of BCI in the medical field, for example for patients suffering from locked-in-syndrome.

Play the eletronic paper drum

Electronic paper has been around for some time now, but how about making music on electronic paper? Kate Stone, a physician and former shepherd, is going to provide us with a drum poster designed by her. Give it a go at TEDxVienna UnlimiTED!

Create your own world

MagicShifter is an open source hardware gadget for lighting, gaming, and POV applications which can be charged and reprogrammed via USB. With over 20 different features, it truly is a gadget from the future and a great toy to play around with.

A different kind of sound

While building homemade instruments, Elmar Zeilhofer was looking for a pickup design that would be so flat that it would fit between the strings and the top. This way, cutting holes into the top wouldn’t be necessary any more. After several tries, the Flatpup was born: An extremely flat guitar pickup.

All this and more will make for a super engaging and interesting TedxVienna conference. Excited already? Great! See you at TedxVienna UnlimiTED!


Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography

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