A race to Win the Planet

On your mark, get set, go! In a few words, that’s what the start-up project “Win the Planet” is all about. It’s about going to places you’ve never been and seeing things you have never seen before in yourself. So how exactly does this social business help the world become a better place?

Let me put it this way: ‘Win the Planet’ takes the term “charity” and shifts it up a level or two by adding a reward for the person who is doing good (both virtually and physically). That means you get to buy a ticket and half of its price goes to a sustainability project. Then you participate in a race online (some examples) and compete against other players for the chance to win a one week all-expenses paid trip to that project’s location, for instance digging a water well in an African village or helping orphans in South America.

Engaging individuals

Have you ever felt the need to do something good and found yourself in the situation of not knowing who to turn to? Or have you been recently bothered on the street by some kid carrying a huge dossier, who “only” wants you to redirect 5 Euros of your money every month to help cases he barely even tells you about? It feels somewhat boring (there, I said it out loud!) to just give money out of your pocket and not feel that you are actually doing something for a cause.

But if you could have fun playing an online game and help a cause at the same time, would that make donate money? That’s why this project is different than the rest: it engages you in a way where you don’t feel used and useless for a humanitary cause, but become an active player in the whole process. They call it “self-interested philanthropy” and I believe that once it reaches the right people (like all of you TEDxVienna readers for example) it will launch as a wonderful world-changing project, because it is truly an idea worth spreading.

Sharing is caring

If you find this project interesting and are willing to share your feedback with the team, please comment below or Facebook, Twitter and Contact them. Also, you can get to know the races better by visiting the Prototype page. So buckle up your seat belts and let the games begin!


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