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People sitting around a table, deepened in their laptops. You question yourself: Do they know each other? Are they in a team? What are they currently working on? We’re in a CoWorking Space and the people at the table are not really a team. Everyone has their own projects, but now they are working together to solve a complex problem from a colleague.

The “new” team working is not only – one project – one team. It means to work with people together without necessarily working on the same project. It’s about getting away from thinking that value creation can only happen in traditional offices. Ideas are being generated whenever and wherever, written, recorded and uploaded.

It is a social get-together, a mutual inspiration and often just a conversation that makes up the charm. CoWorking means to be inspired by other thoughts. It means to feel creativity an a whole new way.

CoWorking Spaces
The spaces offer not only a variety of work areas and infrastructure, which for one person alone is often not affordable. Collectively, however, so private offices, meeting rooms, copiers, etc. are shared and used together. You are in a business space just without the black suited, closed-minded feeling but more creativity and freedom to create and share new and brilliant ideas.

In Austria
There is a growing number of spaces where CoWorkers can create something new together.

In Salzburg, for example there is the CoWorkingSpace Salzburg, founded by Charles Brandstetter, Lucas Triebl and Romy Sigl.

In Vienna, Sektor5, is successfully operated by Yvess Schulz and Karin Ruthardt, and finally our friends from The Hub Vienna.

Need inspiration?
Why not pop in for a CoWorkingSession. It is definitely worthwhile!

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