Adventure Based Traveling: Let’s Add Some Challenging Action.

A trip usually starts with a little idea or an already burning desire to add some extra spicy value to your life. Whether you’re primary interested in a foreign culture, spoken language or the beauty of traveling itself: No place too far to reach these days. If you’re looking for some extra ingredients to make sure that your upcoming trip will definitely be a lasting adventure: Socially powered challenges might be your thing.

What’s that you say? A community based platform called Rambler has the answer and supports it’s members to ‚find the coolest things to do in countries across the globe.’

If you just thought of yet another great collection of guidance for some excessive sightseeing, I allow myself to clarify a bit more.



What it is and how it works.

It’s a digital platform for travelers, by travelers where the community members exchange their unforgettable experiences through creating and completing certain quests. You earn points by doing so.

Simply type in your favorable destination. There you go! In a glimpse of an eye you get a load of suggested challenges by people who already have been there and done these.


You’re now ready for the traveler-inspired international scavenger hunt game and about to add some extra fun and value to your trip. Indeed, most of the time completly off the beaten path. Enjoy your journey!

There are currently two open quests for Austria:

  • Take a jaunt through the garden maze of a castle in Vienna. Earn 21 points.

The grounds alone are worth a trip to this beautiful castle in Vienna! – Amy B.

  • Cross a border…. underground. Earn 58 points.

What was more valuable then a nation’s border: salt. Visit a place where the miners might have marked, but did not really care about the border between these two German speaking countries. –  Jim E.

Sure thing, we all kindly provide and refer valuable information to friends, family and business partners on a daily basis. Why not doing the same thing to a broader community through sharing our unique experiences we collected while exploring foreign countries? In fact we all live in a fully connected world with abundant possibilities. With his social approach John Roa, founder of the project, shows a vivid and fun example on how to bring social collaboration in an other important area of our lives: Traveling.

When you recapture the most fulfilling moments of your past journeys, what quest would be your number one to add? Make it fun!


Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography

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