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About the talk

Western society is provided with the latest mobile devices, apps etc. Social Media, Cloud Computing, Web 3.0 and many more: we are convinced to have the best means to produce and create output. But wait a minute… looking at the telecommunication market what about these fancy app-social-media-marketing campaigns? Aren’t we rushing from one technology to the other and forget about profiting from it?

About the speaker

Alexander Oswald is a Senior Marketing Manager with 13 years Management experience in telecommunication and consumer electronics industry. He has worked for global brands in fast changing business environments, whilst having a focus on Central & South East Europe. At the present time he is Head of Marketing at Nokia, covering several countries, including Switzerland, Cyprus, Israel and of course Austria. Adding to his durable career path, Alexander is also co-author of the first handbook for mobile marketing and mobile campaigns in German language, “Mobile Marketing”. Find out more here.


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One thought on “Alexander Oswald – Why Kenyans do it better

  • Shelly

    I found you’re presentation about M-Pesa quite interesting. Kenya mobile payments is driving a new and fast way of money transactions. M-Pesa not has greatly impacted on both the social Economic level.