Experiencing Art and History through Digital Technology

Isn’t it fascinating that technological improvements continuously give creative minds a wider range of possibilities to reinvent themselves, their art and self-expression? Nowadays technology is widely used to build a bridge between an original idea and the final result. Furthermore it helps to design, expose and recreate a true magic around the various topics of interest.

Technology can even help to purify the rather ‚boring’ content and transform it into a stunning experience. Using fancy typography, special effects or 3D modelling are just a few ingredients of the tech-palette that can be used. If professionally done, the result is by the majority a vivid experience when watching, listening or reading through.

Traveling back in time and bringing a whole city to life.

When artists in future times choose to enroll and visualize the cultural ‚DNA’ of a city, they might first want to take a look on what the The Amsterdam Museum created for their upcoming Amsterdam DNA exhibition. The curators around the project, in cooperation with the Dutch creative agency PlusOne, produced a series of seven videos to give their visitors fascinating insights into the city’s history back in the 16th century. Typical core values of Amsterdam were used as the theme for the films: Entrepreneurship, freethinking, creativity and citizenship. Already curious?

Let’s get a feeling on how today’s technology can serve us and creatives to refresh art and ‚old’ content and to bring it to new life and light. By animating static content, the producers manage to give the visitors the possibility to travel back in time, find themselves in ancient centuries and relive the story of the city with the help of technology.

„The challenge was to bring the masterpieces to life without affecting their identity, or rather, their soul.“ said one of the creative minds behind the production.

Besides adding an extra dimension by making the images three-dimensional they also created a stunning sound-design to make the whole even more appealing. The director of PlusOne, Martijn Hogenkamp, describes the creative development of the project in an in-depth interview with Motiongrapher. Creative insights worth reading!

No question, the technical abilities these days are great tools to portray the static collections of museums, artists or writers in an appealing manner without losing the identity of the pieces. I see a clear chance especially for museums to reach a broader (and younger) audience and quicken the appetite for a real visit. In terms of other areas technology can truly encourage to digg deeper into a certain matter.


Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography

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