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Imagine you are a tourist: strolling around, looking at all those impressive sights and enjoying the wonderful scenary. Beautiful, isn’t it? But, what if you could have more in that same view? Something that is not reality, something that is beyond reality, additional to reality, something that is augmented reality…?

Augmented reality will change the way we see and feel the world. Basically, you take a cellphone, a tablet, or headset and move around 3 dimensional objects within in a digitalised space. In the case of the latest augmented reality headsets, not only do you move around 3 dimensional objects, you can actually pick up virtual items and move them around. Is your mind already reeling with the possibilities with what we can do with this kind of technology? The possibilities are varied: from virtual traveling, virtual living, virtual learning, to virtual communication. So many people will be involved. Some will experience it, some will be using it at work.

It’s going to totally revolutionize entire industries. Let’s take a closer look at one of them.

Augmented Reality: Maintenance 4.0

Wien Energie and the startup ViewAR managed to develop a draft in which the augmented reality technology can be used for servicing works in the asset service. The project Augmented Reality: Maintenance 4.0 came into being in the Wien Energie Innovation Challenge 2017, and it could go into further test phases, due to its successful pitch in front of the jury.


                                                                     © Robert Rubak

 Efficient and labor-saving

If a problem with a machine occurs in the biomass power station in Simmering, new, high-tech tools are available to the servicing engineers. The Microsoft HoloLens, with special software, shows them the way to the problem source with the help of virtual floating marks in the air. This indoor navigation via augmented reality leads the right person quickly to the right place. All relevant, real-time data of a certain system can be used in order to correctly assess the situation. This makes everyday work for the engineers easier, since they can now also access exact instructions for their activities, if required. For example, experts can be placed onsite without even being physically present, and working hours are accelerated by the assistance of many tools.

Integrating augmented reality

As you can see, augmented reality is already causing breakthroughs.
Maintenance 4.0 is a concept that creates this new reality in a way that extends the human experience, instead of game-ifying our reality or cluttering it with digital information. We are going to start putting an entire layer of digital information on top of the real world. We can begin to make an effort to extend our bodies with digital devices, instead of the other way around.

picture credits: Wien Energie

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