Anitra Eggler – E-mail makes you stupid, poor and sick!

About the talk

Crackberry became the nick name not only for the mobile device but a category for a generation. Is there a way to change the saying ‘Email, therefore I am‘? Definitely: 7 steps to start with…

About the speaker

Anitra is a digital therapist. Doing is her favorite word. Before her professional independence, she went through everything you can contribute to the internet business, working as a journalist, start-up manager, Creative & Managing DirectorDigital Mastermind and CCO. In achieving this she worked almost 15 years around the clock and accumulated a vast experience. Nowadays Anitra dispenses this knowledge as digital therapy in various forms and outlets like her Blog or as a university lecturer. She heals internet disease and initiates value creation from any kind of digital communication. From November 2011 she will share her insights also in the form of books. Find out more >>.



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