Are you sabotaging your career?

Having coffee in the morning, calling your parents every weekend, enjoying chocolate after lunch  –  your life is the sum of your habits. Most likely you are already well aware of many of them. Some might accompany you ever since you were a child, like the fact that you brush your teeth every day.

Everyone who already tried to establish a new habit knows how hard this can be. Eliminating them, the ones that are with you for years, might even be harder than building a good habit from scratch. Getting rid of your bad habits is key to a successful and a happy work-life. Let’s take a look at the top five that can ruin your career:

#1 You gossip

Rumours can be fun, but taking part in office gossip can really damage your reputation. People who gossip are usually not the ones you can trust, right? Sure, not every conversation at work has to be about job-related things, but as soon as rumours begin to spread, it’s time for you to get out. What you can do to break this bad habit: Walk away from the conversation, try to change the subject or simply tell the others, that you won’t be part of this.

#2 You procrastinate

You know that you need to get work done and the deadline is coming closer but here you are, checking Facebook, cleaning your desk for the third time this week or watching videos on YouTube. Eventually you start working on the unloved task and complete it just in time. “I did it!” Adrenaline kicks in and you might be proud of yourself but let’s be honest: You feel exhausted, had to cancel an appointment and worked long hours for the last couple of days. Besides that, your manager realized that you are a nonstarter when it comes to time management. Ouch.

#3 You are distracted

Stop the glorification of multitasking! It can be very hard to focus on one single thing, but try not to switch between tasks all the time. Set yourself a timer, mute all notifications on your smartphone or computer and start working: Only 10 or 20 minutes but fully concentrated on one single task. Aside from multitasking there is another kind of distraction that can be really hurtful for your career: It’s your smartphone. Ever caught yourself checking your phone while talking to other people or while you are in a meeting? Staring at the screen is not only rude, it also distracts you from what’s going on in the real world.

#4 You surround yourself with negativity

You are used to hanging out with friends or colleagues for years but lately, all they do is whining and complaining? Cutting back on toxic relationships doesn’t make you a bad friend, it’s helping you to break a bad habit. But what if it’s you who’s acting like a bellyacher, always complaining and talking about bad things? It’s hard to break this bad habit but it’s doable. Start to jot down three to five good things every day. Be grateful for all the positive things in life, even the very small ones.

#5 You have bad manners

Don’t be the one who interrupts other people, be the one who takes care of the new guy who seems to be lost on his first day at the office. Being attentive and polite when it comes to other people is such a good habit. Wish someone a great weekend on Friday or say “thank you” when they don’t expect it. Good manners always leave a good impression and make you feel good.



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