Artificial meat and the future of food at UNLIMITED

We are insatiable. We all like to eat what, when and where we want. Nowadays, food travels quite a bit, so that a customer in any European country can consume all fruits and vegetables at all seasons. Mango, passion fruit, lychee …you name it, can be found in most supermarkets. Once they were all exotic fruits, but now they seem to constitute the standard repertoire of your local grocery store.

Annemieke Hendriks – Journeys of fresh food

But also the most ordinary food products like tomatos, apples & co need to undertake long distances in order to be served on a plate as shown by the paradox of Hungary, the land of paprika production, where mostly dutch paprika is sold. But why would this happen? Annemieke Hendriks, a Dutch journalist and author with a sociological background, spent her last three years invastigating the fresh food trade in Europe. At TEDxVienna Unlimited she will share with us the strengths and weaknesses, the winners and losers, of Europe’s food chains.
In her talk she will take us on the adventerous journey of a tomato from its production to the final consumption!

Mark Post – Synthetic meat from the lab

But what about local food production? Clearly, not all places on earth are suitable for growing and breeding all kinds of food. What if we could make eatables in the laboratory? Sounds fancy and futuristic? Well, Professor Mark Post and his research team at Maastricht University took the challenge and finally were able to culture meat in the lab. The scientists took muscle cells from a living cow and fed them in a petri-dish, so that the cells would multiply themselves. The result was a lab-made burger, which was served at an event in London in August cooked by chef Richard McGeown. You wonder how the cultured beef tastes and how much it costs? What ist he difference to genetically modified food? Ask Mark Post at the UNLIMITED conference!

Don’t miss the TEDxVienna UNLIMITED event on the 2nd of November hosted in the Volkstheater Vienna and grab your tickets!

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