Augmented Eyewear On The Dawn

Due to recent developments and rumors in the area of augmented reality, it looks like technology could once more change radically the way we will see, experience and assimilate our environment. Is real-time information transfered directly to our eyeballs the next big thing?

The latest buzz goes around in the field of optical technologies. According to a recently published article on the New York Times, it seems like Google is taking strong efforts to build a pair of glasses with an augmented reality interface. Earlier assumptions by Seth Weintraub, a blogger for 9 to 5 Google, who first wrote about the glasses project in December and earlier this month, might already be approved by the end of this year. More critical voices like Devin Coldewey from TechCrunch, mentioning that the technology itself isn’t unrealistic, but simply not yet ready for mass-market. It’s also companies like Apple, Motorola, Uvex and Fujikawa that are innovating constantly in this field.

Improvement Or Beginning Of An End?

At Google it’s Sergey Brin, the cofounder itself, who is currently spending most of his time in the Google X labs, a secretive laboratory where the company is charged to work on robots and and dozens of other futuristic projects. As refered the glasses are “not designed for constant wear; although, Google expects the nerdiest users to wear them a lot.” According to several people familiar with the project they are “expected to have a 3G or 4G data connection and a number of sensors including motion and GPS.” Privacy implications refering to a built-in recording camera are on discussion right now. Like people are rumoring, there will be also a “unique and fast learning navigation system” included. The running software is “expected to use Google services such as Latitude and being able to exchange informations with the cloud“. The high-tech glasses are “estimated to cost around the price of current smartphones, or $250 to $600” and could already be available by the end of the year. Would you buy it?

This is a possible forecast on how we’ll eventually expierence our environment in near future.

Leaving all the rumors, assumptions and specifications aside, wheather or not we will be able to ‚enjoy’ a terminator like view of our environment in near future, there come up a few quite familiar questions to my mind: Do we really need more high-tech to get a better feeling and comprehension of our lives and environment? Don’t we experience people and friends already enough literally thru the glasses and informations driven by technology? Are we as the human species eventually steadily sneaking into a stage where we become too reliant on robots, algorithms and artificial intelligence? Could we even survive without them?

Sure thing, this post is not at all meant to give answers to these kind of questions. If it reminded you solely for a glimpse of an eye, that you’re still human, I’m overall satisfied. Feel free to share your passion, thoughts or even concerns on this kind of technology. Let’s make it clear: We all love and live with technology somehow, especially here at TEDx.


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