Alexandra Dancasiu

Christopher “moot” Poole: The case for anonymity online

It’s responsible for launching several successful Web-based trends, from the wildly popular “lolcat” phenomenon to the surprise comeback of ’80s one-hit wonder Rick Astley. Christopher “moot” Poole is talking about 4chan, a lo-fi discussion website that features dozens of message boards and image boards within six broad categories, stemming from […]

Talk of the Week – Aleph Molinari: Let’s bridge the digital divide!

Inspired by Larisa, one of our dedicated TEDxBloggers, the talk of the week takes a look on the digital world, which isn’t really mirroring our whole world, but is rather a reflection of certain parts of it.   Aleph Molinari speaks about the 5 billion people around the world, who […]

Talk of the week – John Bohannon: Dance vs. powerpoint, a modest proposal

The invention of PowerPoint Presentations was a creative breakthrough and significant power tool for presentations. It revolutionized the business world and pimped up every class room paper presentation. Many are using PPPs to visualize their ideas and make their speeches more comprehensible to their audience.