Alexandra Manoliu

9 tales from TEDxAmRing

Thank you for joining the TEDxAmRing conference on May 30th in the Hofburg Palace, Vienna. The foundation of every talk was change in its different forms. What differed where the amazing stories of bravery, courage, talent, passion, fear, ambition, innovation and love. A common conclusion: we need change to happen […]

What you need to know about TEDxAmRing – Change worth fighting for

From science and politics to culture and art, TEDxAmRing – Change worth fighting for will host some of the most diverse, controversial and brave personalities of our times. Not only they’ve acknowledged the importance of change through their personal and professional experiences, but they’ve also thought about its impact and […]

Four reasons why you should join TEDxAmRing

A curious and knowledge-savvy community like the TEDxVienna community needs constant access to new ideas and ways to implement them. This is why we are happy to invite you to the TEDxAmRing conference organized in cooperation with TEDxVienna. Here are four reasons why you should definitely join in at TEDxAmRing – Change […]

Fear and danger – an astronaut’s perspective

Generations of scientists from every possible discipline work together to ensure a better understanding of the universe. Not only is their work able to provide insights into the creation of our planet and others and into the possible dangers that Earth might be exposed to as part of the universe […]

Corruption revealed by TED Prize 2014 winner

Every year, Transparency International surveys people from all around the world on their experiences with corruption in public and private entities, be it politics, business, education, the medical system, NGOs, etc. The image above reveals the countries (51 out of 107!!) most affected by corruption at a political level.  However, the […]

Scientists act a lot like … nature

The human body often needs to regenerate itself after suffering injuries, from small ones like skin wounds to ones that need a lot of effort for the it to fix the harm such as liver transplants or even lung regeneration for smokers. And in many cases it, the results are […]

The many faces of …

During the month of February the TEDxVienna blog will be hosting an “exhibition” of articles, photos and videos dedicated to the many faces of .. the earth, learning, science and design, objects, nature and people. We will explore opportunities, challenges, possibilities and impossibilities, pros and cons, layers of truth and […]

Scientists are ignorant

Intense research activities in life sciences, information technologies and urban studies have transformed Vienna into one of the most important European research and development hubs. More than 20 000 scientists perform their ignorant magic in Viennese universities, research institutes and companies and 2.8 billion Euros are invested in research every […]

Hip Hop Jamming With Robots

Artificial intelligence has been so far depicted in movies as evil robots brutally taking over our planet and transforming humans into their slaves. Robots should be this scary and mean entity that once it develops further than the human intelligence, where it actually emerged from, it will definitely try to […]