Andra Muresanu

The development of a new species – Homo Evolutis

  Did it ever occur to you that you have less time than you’ve had 10 years ago? While emphasizing our constant need for control (of the schedule, of our lives, of nature and basically, of our planet) things have developed into this fast need for INSTANITY that keeps us […]

Projekt Ingeborg: eine Reise nach Klagenfurt wert 1

Projekt Ingeborg stellt eine Initiative in Klagenfurt dar, die sowohl Spaß als auch viel Wert auf technischer und kultureller Ebene erzeugt. Wenn man ein Smartphone besitzt (mit NFC oder einem QR Code Reader), kommt man durch das einfache Auflegen des Handys auf einem Sticker zu alten und neuen Musik- und […]

Symmetry – finding rules and exceptions

Ever found yourself gazing upon the wonders of nature while taking a walk in the woods? Looking amazed at the architectonic creations of a medieval or 18th-19th century built city? If you seek for similarities in these two very different types of places, you will find that they are connected […]

Marketing Natives – taking online offline [Interview with Benjamin Ruschin]

  The Vienna based project Marketing Natives started organizing events and gathering members in 2011 and reached an unexpected level of participants for the Austrian scene so far. It focuses on connecting young professionals both offline through the actual conferences that are being held six times a year, and online […]

Innovative Fashion Materials, reaching through life and death

Fashion is all about creating and reviving desires. It influences you to want to look vintage, just like your mother or grandmother back in the 1960s, it changes the way you think about pastel colors (just look at Louis Vuitton’s new collection) and makes you want to become a better […]

Change: start with yourself and discover beauty of small things

After watching a video like the one above, you come to realize how small you are in such a big world, filled with people of all ages, colors, religions, social statuses and views on life. This big world you live and breathe in every day, changes the way you portray […]

EyeEm – communicating through mobile photography

At first glance, when looking over the EyeEm website you discover a beautiful mobile app that allows you to upload pictures, share them with the world and discover a variety of similar photos from other users (let’s say the app “learns what you love from the pictures you take”). You […]