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What if you had a healthy body, but an unhealthy mind?

There are all sorts of ways for people to lead a healthy life, by either maintaining a clean diet or working out regularly. Or for the really ambitious and disciplined people, that means doing both at the same time. More and more individuals are starting food and fitness blogs that […]

Ordinary People with Extraordinary Ideas 1

The world is not only filled with professional and highly knowledgeable inventors and scientists, but also with numerous smaller creative personalities from different fields that surprise us on a daily basis with their fascinating ideas. Here are two average citizens in the areas of fashion and environmental mobility whose innovative […]

The Rise of African Superheroes

Which character would you identify yourself with most? Batman, Superman, Sailor Moon, maybe even the Hulk? Even if none of these characters appeal to you personally, thousands of other people around the world have grown up with them. The release of the new Avengers movie, “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, exemplifies […]

Is Mobile Electricity taking over Modern Electricity?

Being a resident of the small city you have probably noticed a couple of what appear to be gas station-like stops, across the busy streets of Schwedenplatz or downtown the shopping areas in Mariahilfer Straße. These spots are reserved for electric cars or bicycle owners to juice up their means […]

Homes for the Homeless 1

Nowadays you find green and innovative technology around almost every corner. Projects based on improving the environment and making healthier living conditions for everyone are on the rise in today’s society. Let’s not forget documentaries like Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” and the annual Earth Day, matters that are meant […]