Carina Maria Besl

“The powers of big brother have increased enormously!”

Much has been said and written about Edward Snowden in the last few months. Known for making the historic revelations about NSA phone and Internet surveillance in 2013 he’s been called a whistleblower, a traitor, a hero. At TED 2014 he explains, that it’s not about him as a person […]

BIG DATA – benefits and challenges

New technologies tracking personal information, far too little regulation to protect such processes, companies and governments lying about or hidding what they are tracking. These are the first thoughts most of us have when hearing about Big Data and one of the reasons for that are recent events like the 2013 NSA mass surveillance scandal. However, […]

When science “fiction” becomes science “fact”

„What if?“ Both scientific research and science fiction start with the same two words. Science is trying to explain and enhance reality. SciFi stories produce a discourse of what is and what may be, they reflect the fears and aspirations of humankind for the future. Innovations we once saw in […]

#SELFIEPORN – more than a sexy lie?

Taking selfies is becoming an all-too-common practice in today’s western society. Widely associated with selfish behavior, it is often seen as representative of the Generation Y‘s attitude towards life. As the genre rises, it seems to cross borders of generations and already took it’s place at the center of society. […]