Katie Reschenhofer

About Katie Reschenhofer

Katie is majoring in English & American Studies at the University in Vienna and is interested in the evolution of social media. Having lived in Oman, she is particularly interested in Middle Eastern affairs. In her spare time, Katie gives in to her shopping-addiction and satisfies her craving for sushi & maki. Shopping can sure make you hungry, you know!

Coping with the Winter Blues

It feels like summer has only just begun and yet here we are, already preparing to bid it fair well. While many may be anticipating the fuzzy fall and winter time, some of you are probably dreading the cold season and do not know how to cope with another six […]

Bi-erasure? More like: Bye, Erasure!

Unfortunately, bi-erasure is a thing. Bi-erasure awareness-erasure is also a thing, apparently. Now, what exactly does bi-erasure mean though? In essence, it means that bisexuals are often denied their sexual as well as romantic identity for various, rather opaque reasons. Some myths about bisexuals include that they are greedy, they […]

5 Myths About Building Your Confidence

Confidence is a tricky thing. For some, it comes naturally with the years whilst others struggle with self-esteem issues their entire lives. On various social media sites, it has become a thing to put owning a negative attitude on a pedestal. Too many people trick themselves into finding false confidence, […]

Could you be a minimalist?

The minimalist Trend Being the best version of your own self is in. Eating clean, working out and spreading positivity is the current big trend. Staying abstinent from junk food and steering clear of buying unnecessary junk has become increasingly important to the modern individual. Decluttering your life is what many […]

Do you broadcast your intellect?

Stereotyping happens. And it happens a lot. Far too often, an individual’s degree of intellect is estimated on account of their looks. Whilst the majority of people agree that stereotyping is wrong and judgemental, it can also serve as a means of protection. Another way of looking at stereotypes is […]

Is Man the Root of all Evil?

Although 21st century western society has nowhere near reached total equality in terms of gender, sexuality, ethnicity and religion, the respective social minorities are slowly but surely beginning to speak up against injustice and demand change. The one demographic group which does not seem to be affected by any forms of the […]

Geek Galore: The Many Shades of Nerddom

The term nerd has fluctuated heavily in meaning in the past decade. This sociocultural shift can still be observed in contemporary society. But what exactly makes a nerd? This loaded four letter word appears to have become an interchangeable synonym with related sociocultural labels, such as geek, dork and many more. […]

When Old meets New in a Fandom

Fandoms can be found virtually anywhere. No matter whether it is a movie franchise, a music genre or a solo artist, there will be a fandom for it. Although the members of such tight-knit communities feel a sense of belonging in their new found families, the initial struggle to fit […]

Analogue meets Digital: Regaining Control over our Lives

We look at faded, old photographs. We listen to our grandparents talking about their youth and how simple life was, back then. We watch black and white movies and get a feeling of nostalgia. A feeling of belonging to an era which we were never part of. An era, before […]