Lisa Landskron

About Lisa Landskron

Being a scientist in the field of molecular biology & leading the TEDxVienna Blogger team, Lisa loves to do biochemical as well as digital experiments to create and spread ideas.

OBEN – from networks to ideas

The classical Eureka or rhetorical lightbulb moments might be somewhat simplified metaphors for having great ideas. An Aha-moment is not an isolated idea but rather the end of an incubation process of thoughts, experience and exchange with others. I am sorry to say, but unless you are a mathematical genius, the likelihood that […]

the snowboarding family

Baby on Board – the Snowboarding Family

Grandpa, grandma + 3 sons + daughter in law + 3 grandkids = the Krebernik’s, aka the Snowboarding Family. The three generations of nine riders, ranging from 1 to 74 years of age, share their passion for powder snow, snowboards and family. It all started with father Dieter, who became one of the […]

VR meetup

From Virtual to Real: the first VR meetup in Vienna

A few months ago I was introduced by a TEDxVienna friend to Google Cardboard, a viewer made out of card box, lenses and an ordinary button, all to be assembled by yourself in 3 steps. Basically a low budget Virtual Reality (VR) headset. It literally blew my mind and opened a whole […]


Mobile and Social Learning – The Survival Kit of the New World

Corporate learning has been increasing significantly in the last decade. A trend study shows that eLearning will be a required standard in Germany until 2017. The current development process is definitely connected with an increase in mobility. Mobile phones and other technical devices such as tablets grant us a complete location-independent […]

Books by TJ Alshemäree

4 digital goldmines to find your next offline reading experience 2

Ironically, a study from the University of Washington showed that digital natives prefer…PRINT. Yep, you read right. Turning a page and not sweeping on the ipad, physically holding a book in your hands and disconnecting has its advantages. There are numerous pros and cons to the exhausting book versus e-book debate […]

pic'd surfing

pik’d – a new Austrian-Chilean startup helps you pick the cherries of your GoPro footage

Ready. Ride. Review. The startup scene just got a bit brighter with the entrance of the new kids on the block – pik’d. The Austrian co-founders Moritz and Clemens met during their studies in International Economics in Innsbruck, Austria. The two sports geeks realized pretty quickly that all the footage they captured with their […]